React Native vs. Swift – Which One To Pick When Building An iOS App?

React Native and Swift are both relatively new technologies that support mobile app development for iOS devices. While React Native is a framework for JavaScript, Swift is a brand-new programming language. So which one to pick when thinking about building a new iOS app?

What is Swift?

What is React Native?

Why compare them anyway?


Some thoughts on Fortran and the history of computing (seriously!)

iPhone is undoubtedly more than a device – it is a cultural and social phenomenon initially powering the smartphone revolution ignited by the device’s first release in June 2007. Since then, the device’s popularity skyrocketed, as the brand saw an impressive share of 13,2% in global smartphone unit sales. It is especially impressive when seen in the context – Apple is a premium brand, while these figures include also a no-name or budget brand, sold on emerging markets.

iOS-powered devices see the biggest popularity in strong economies of the US, Canada, Scandinavia, and Australia. At the end of 2017 78% of the US, teens owned an iPhone and 80% claimed that their next smartphone will be also iOS-powered.

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