about me

I am an accomplished and detail-oriented Front End developer equipped with more than ten years of experience at large-scale enterprises and international organizations; experienced programmers in different phases of the development lifecycle in an Agile environment. I am a self-motivated and goal-oriented developer with a passion for using the latest web technologies. I strive for pixel-perfect front-end responsive websites. Using preprocessors and following best practices, I deliver maintainable and well-structured code. My Firebase, Strapi, and Contentful skills give me the ability to also develop for the back-end. Thanks to my proactive attitude, effective communication, and flexibility, I can adapt to any team conditions in a short amount of time.

Javascript (ES6)ReactReact NativeReduxFirebaseEXPOStrapiGatsbyStyled ComponentsMaterial-UIBootstrapHTML5CSS3GitAgileAdobe XDSketchPhotoshop

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