React 17- What’s new in the future?

Not too long ago React 16.3 alpha made its debut on npm.js, unveiling changes such as a new version of React Developer Tools, Strict Mode, and a new Context API . Don’t worry it’s super usable now and you’ll definitely want to try it out when handling basic state management concerns. It’s fair to say we didn’t get settled in with React 16.3 when JSConf 2018, Dan Abramov, creator of Redux and a core team member of React unveiled the new features of React 17. The React team does a great job at making React even better and this time their concerns were:

How the state of an application is managed on devices with low processing capabilities.

How the quality of network reception would influence the loading state of your application and its impact on a user’s general experience.

Let’s have a glimpse into the future of React 17

Time Slicing

During the creation of React Fiber, async rendering was kept off due to the following reasons despite facilitating quicker responses in UI rendering:

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